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UC Davis Campus | Mental & Emotional Well-being
Resources For Students

  • Aggie Mental Health Ambassadors - Educating the campus on mental health and well-being resources, encouraging the community to care for themselves and others, and helping to address the epidemic of loneliness and isolation.
  • Academic Success and Educational Guidance – Campus programs geared towards supporting the retention and academic success of all students, including transfer, veteran and students with disabilities.
  • Health Services and Support – In-person and online services to support both immediate health needs and preventative care.
  • Health 34 - A team of healthcare educators and providers who will deliver free, non-emergency support and service navigation for mental health and basic medical care to every segment of the UC Davis campus.
  • Student Community and Cultural Centers – Listings of diverse, student-run organizations that provide supportive, inclusive communities.
  • International and Undocumented Student Services  Assisting incoming and current international students, scholars, and their families with visa and immigration issues including financial, personal, cultural, and academic concerns.
  • Conflict, Harassment, Violence, and Discrimination Services – Programs providing free, confidential victim advocacy, crisis intervention and support services for all students who have experienced any form of violence or harassment.
  • School of Medicine Resources for Students – Offices that provide medical students with academic and financial support as well as access to wellness events, resources and referrals to mental health-care resources.

Additional Community Resources