School of Medicine Resources for Students

  • Office of Student and Resident Diversity - Provides Medical School students with financial and staff support for a variety of activities and networking opportunities.
    Phone: 916-734-2615
  • Office of Student Learning & Educational Resources (OSLER) - Provides academic support and resources to medical students.
    Phone: 916-734-8785
  • Office of Student Wellness - Provides educational wellness events, resources and referrals to mental health-care resources for medical students.
    Phone: 916-703-9355
  • Student Development Office - Provides comprehensive medical student support services.
    Phone: 916-734-1848 / 916-734-8494
  • Student Interest Groups List - A list of various medical student groups who share similar “interests, values, customs, and knowledge” to “support, teach, and learn from one another.”