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Integrating Well-being into Learning Environments

Whether you are an academic, teaching assistant or instructor, you each have the unique opportunity to create and foster positive learning environments at UC Davis.

Positive well-being is a key predictor for learning and student success. Studies indicate that mental health and well-being are connected to a student's ability to learn (Eisenberg and Speer, 2013, Keyes et al., 2012, Martin 2010). Integrating well-being concepts into classroom and learning environments can lead to academic success, a healthy culture and positive environment, student retention, and achievement of learning outcomes. 


The Integrating Well-being Concepts into Learning Environments Guide

Created by various partners as part of the University of California's Healthy Campus Network, this guide suggests strategies to incorporate and integrate health and well-being concepts into your classrooms and student activities. Healthy UC Davis, a member of the Healthy Campus Network, has customized this document for the UC Davis community.

In this guide, you will find tips and suggestions ranging from encouraging breaks, standing, stretching and reflection, to incorporating opportunities for students to develop their professional and personal skills. You can also find other resources from higher education institutions, example syllabi verbiage, as well as UC Davis campus resources that students can access. 

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This guide could not have been published without input and guidance from our valued campus and systemwide partners:

  1. Health Education and Promotion
    Student Health and Counseling Services
    Phone: 530-752-2767
  2. Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being
  3. Office of Student and Resident Wellness
    UC Davis School of Medicine and Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
    Phone: 916-703-WELL (9355) 
  4. UC Davis Health Graduate Medical Education
    Phone: 916-703-WELL (9355)
  5. Healthy Campus Network
    University of California Office of the President