Gratitude, the act of feeling thankful, can help enhance mental and emotional wellbeing through positively boosting mood and outlook.

The practice of gratitude can be done by writing, thinking, or saying out loud what you are grateful for in life.


  1. Apps
  2. Articles/Fact Sheets
  3. Videos

1. Apps:

Attitudes of Gratitude
gratitude app imageAndroid: Free
This app will help you develop and maintain a daily attitude of gratitude by listing the things you are grateful for each day.

2. Articles/Fact Sheets:

Gratitude Is Good Medicine
This article highlights the benefits of practicing gratitude and encourages readers to begin a daily gratitude journal.

3. Videos:

The Gratitude Experiment
This short video explores psychological findings associated with daily journaling, and gratitude and their relationship to happiness.

How We Can Practice Gratitude
In this short video, Dr. Robert Emmons a professor of psychology at UC Davis highlights best practices for integrating gratitude into our daily lives.

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