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Meditation is a mind and body practice used to improve mental and emotional well-being through increasing relaxation, increasing focus, managing mood, or cultivating an attribute. The goal or purpose varies depending on the meditation technique used and accompanying beliefs.  




Take a Break - Guided Meditations
Guided Meditations AppiTunes:Free
Features two popular meditations from the Meditation Oasis podcast to provide deep relaxation. The app gives you the option to listen with or without music and/or nature sounds.


Calm: Meditate, Sleep, Relax 
Calm appAndroid: Free
App designed to help individuals relax, focus, and sleep better. Includes 9 guided meditations and 4 sleep stories, along with a breathing tool. Subscription required for additional content.


Articles/Fact Sheets:


Learn to Cope and Relax with Meditation  (also Español | MP3 )
This article discusses the benefits of mindfulness and how to utilize it as a coping strategy.

This fact sheet includes helpful tips about meditation.