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Meditation is a mind and body practice used to improve mental and emotional well-being through increasing relaxation, increasing focus, managing mood, or cultivating an attribute. The goal or purpose varies depending on the meditation technique used and accompanying beliefs.  



Take a Break - Guided Meditations
Guided Meditations AppiTunes:Free
Features two popular meditations from the Meditation Oasis podcast to provide deep relaxation. The app gives you the option to listen with or without music and/or nature sounds.

Articles/Fact Sheets:


Learn to Cope and Relax with Meditation  (also Español | MP3 )
This article discusses the benefits of mindfulness and how to utilize it as a coping strategy.

This fact sheet includes helpful tips about meditation.

This article provides descriptions of six different types of meditation.

This fact sheet provides general information about meditation including what it is, what science says about its benefits, and possible side effects to the practice.



This podcast guides you through a 6-minute mind/body relaxation meditation.