Initiatives and Programs

Healthy Beverage Initiative

Choosing free, filtered water over sugary drinks can have a profound effect on the environment, your wallet and your health. 

Started in 2019 as a part of a systemwide effort, the goal of the UC Healthy Beverage Initiative (UC HBI) is to encourage the consumption of tap water as a healthy, free, and sustainable alternative to sugary drinks. This year, the Healthy Beverage Initiative is directing its efforts towards:

Tobacco-Free at Work - Health Campus

Tobacco-Free at Work is an initiative to support staff being completely tobacco-free while at work or on scheduled breaks on the health campus.

Our goal is to promote the health and well-being of staff and patients with a clean environment of care. In a survey to managers and supervisors, 90% of respondents at UC Davis Health support helping their staff to be smoke and tobacco-free at work. Click on the resources below to learn about how to stop tobacco, how to support wellness, and how to support your staff.

Support Your Environment

Let's Share Clean Air. 

Be a clean air champion - help us track tobacco use and vaping as well as related litter on campus by using the Breathe Free Tracker tool. Your collaboration helps support a cleaner UC Davis, so tell us what you notice. We appreciate your participation!