Quit Smoking

Comprehensive Quitting resources for:

  1. UC Davis Students
  2. UC Davis Academics and Staff 
  3. All Smoke and Tobacco Users
  4. Additional Resources on the UC Davis Health Campus

1. UC Davis Students 

  • Visit Student Health and Counseling Services' Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Intervention Services website or call (530) 752-6334 for one-on-one assistance and to learn about free tobacco cessation services available to all registered students, including a free one month (4 week) supply of nicotine replacement products.

  • Free "quit kits" are available to all registered students.
    To request one, send us an email: breathefree@ucdavis.edu

free quit kits

2. UC Davis Academics and Staff

  • Start the Quit for Life® program, which is available at no additional cost to University employees and family members who are enrolled in UC Care, Health Savings Plan, and Core plan. You will receive online and phone support and free nicotine replacement therapy products (gum or patches).
    More information: Quit for Life® website or Download their Flyer (PDF)
  • UC Davis Health offers stop-smoking programs throughout the year, usually in five-week increments with two-to-three classes per week. Classes feature a range of speakers and focus on techniques to modify behavior, control weight gain, use nicotine replacement effectively and prevent relapses.
    Contact: Cari Shulkin, cjshulkin@ucdavis.edu / 916-731-6838

  • Free "quit kits" are available to all faculty, staff, and students as long as supplies last!
    To request one, send us an email: breathefree@ucdavis.edu

3. All Smoke and Tobacco Users

  • Visit: SmokeFree.Gov for a comprehensive collection of quitting resources and step-by-step guides.
  • Learn: Quit Smoking Medicines, learn how they can help you quit for good.
  • Check out: KillTheCan.org, which has free resources and tools, including a quitting forum, a chat room, and quitting groups, to help dip, snuff, and chewing tobacco users quit.
  • Read: Tips From Former Smokers, in which former smokers share their stories.
  • Attend: UC Davis Stop Smoking Classes:  livinghealthy.ucdavis.edu.
  • Kick It California: Formerly the California Smokers’ Helpline, Kick It California offers free telephone counseling in six languages and also has a NoButts app and free text reminders.
  • For Veterans: SmokefreeVET is a mobile text messaging service for military Veterans who receive their health care through VA. Sign up here. More information on VA’s smoking and tobacco cessation programs.

4. Additional Resources on the Health System Campus