How to Support Your Staff

Resources for Supervisors


Email us at for questions or to request a presentation on Smoke and Tobacco Free policy or cessation resources available for staff and visitors.

Addressing policy violation:

A. Supervisor talking points

Watch the video of a supervisor talking to an employee about the smoke and tobacco-free policy:


Supervisor talking points about STF policy




Additionally, UCOP has created these talking points for supervisors to educate staff about the STF policy and their compliance with the policy.








B. Reporting options for staff violations
Picture of the HR compliance violation template

A corrective action is an important tool for communicating with employees to improve behavior and policy compliance.

  • Consider documenting serial policy violations with this HR template letter.
  • Consider having your staff engage with Cari Shulkin and the Health Management Education Quit Tobacco Program (916-732-4494).






C. Other corrective action resources


Screenshot from the UC Compliance policy video

UC Policy Compliance Training 

To watch the video, click here.

Consider recommending your staff to watch the training video about the background of the Smoke and Tobacco-Free Policy.