Disruptive Behavioral Disorders

Applicable exclusively to children, Disruptive Behavioral Disorders are characterized by ongoing patterns of acting out, uncooperative or defiant behavior that is beyond typical.

Those with disruptive behavioral disorders can be stubborn, difficult, disobedient, and irritable at levels which significantly impact not only their daily lives but also affect their relationships with caregivers and peers. Those with conduct disorders also have responses that tend to be aggressive to the extent that they cause harm and violate others' rights. 


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1. Articles/Fact Sheets:

Disruptive Behavior Disorders
This fact sheet explains disruptive behavior disorders, their signs and symptoms, risk and protective factors, evidence-based treatments, and how to find treatment.

Conduct Disorder
This fact sheet discusses the signs and symptoms of conduct disorder and treatment options.

2. Websites:

Children's Mental Health - Behavior or Conduct Problems
This webpage includes information about oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder including symptoms, treatment, and prevention.