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Articles/Fact Sheets:

This tip sheet contains information about some of the signs of grief and anger and provides information about how to cope with grief.

This article discusses common feelings/reactions individuals may have after a mass shooting in the community and offers ideas about caring for your mental health.
This article discusses how to talk with children and teens about school shootings, which includes what behaviors to look for, what to emphasize, what to talk about, and how to help children feel safe.
This article explains how to talk with a child/teen about a shooting.
This article describes a few ways children and families can be psychologically affect by a recent shooting and discusses a few ideas to help with coping.
This fact sheet includes tips for parents on how to protect, limit, and/or help teens/children understand media coverage after a shooting.
This article discusses how individuals and children may react after mass violence and ways for parents to care for themselves and help their teens/children.