Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The UC Davis Farmers Market is organized by the UC Davis Staff and Faculty Health and Well Being program, in collaboration with multiple campus departments and sponsors.

The market is designed to promote student health as well as local and campus-produced food products. It is a seasonal on-campus extension of the Davis Farmers Market. It runs each Wednesday of fall and spring quarters from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm.

  • I'd like to sponsor the market.  How do I do that?
  • We rely on sponsors to cover the operating cost of the market at UC Davis.  Our sponsors each cover a portion of expenses like parking, waste management, quad reservation fees and marketing expenses.   Additionally sponsors contribute financially to our efforts at making fresh fruits and vegetables available to students who are experiencing food insecurity.  We distribute vouchers via Aggie Compass, Fruit and Veggie Up! and The Pantry.  All sponsors are acknowledged on the vouchers.  We also feature sponsors on our Facebook, Instagram pages as well as on our website. If your department would like to sponsor, please email Linda Adams.
  • What is the history of the UC Davis Farmers Market?
  • The UC Davis Farmers Market developed from collaboration between a number of campus partners in an effort to increase access to fresh, local produce for busy UC Davis students, staff and faculty during fall and spring quarters. A 2011 survey of UC Davis students found that over 60% eat two or fewer servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

    The UC Davis Farmers Market offers an easy and convenient way for the campus community to incorporate more nutrition-packed fruits and vegetables into their lives. The market is operated under the umbrella of multiple sponsoring departments including Student Health & Counseling Services, UC Davis Stores, Campus Recreation and Unions, Davis Farmers Market Association, ASUCD Coffee House, Student Housing and Dining Services, and Staff Assembly.  We also have in-kind sponsors including UC Davis Reprographics, the UC Davis Student Farm and UC Davis Campus and Events Services. 
  • How many days out of the year does your Farmers Market operate?
  • The UC Davis Farmers Market operates on Wednesdays during the fall and spring quarters on the UC Davis campus. During fall, we only operate during the weeks prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, which is 6 days total during the fall quarter. During the spring, the UC Davis Farmers Market operates all 10 weeks of the quarter.
  • What hours do you operate your Farmers Market?  
  • The UC Davis Farmers Market operates from 11am-1:30pm. This has been found to be a successful time, as the Farmers Market is located in front of the Coffee House in the Memorial Union (MU), which is a popular lunch-time destination.
  • What happens if the weather is poor?
  • The UC Davis Farmers Market is rain or shine, however many of our resources (not growers) that provide activities like music, entertainment, cooking demos, etc. decide to cancel their participation when there is rain.
  • How many vendors participate in your farmer market?
  • We have an average of nine vendors during the fall and spring markets.
  • Do the vendors at the UC Davis Farmers Market change from fall to spring?
  • Our growers may change between the seasons based on what their primary crops are. For example, our kiwi grower only comes out for spring when kiwis are in season. 
  • Are the food vendors separate from the Farmers Market or a part of it?
  • The Coffee House and Nutrition sampling booths are only in operation on Wednesdays for the market. These are technically 'separate' from the Farmers Market area in order to meet Farmers Market code and regulation, although they operate in conjunction with market programming.
  • Are your food vendors covered by the Farmers Market liability insurance or do they carry their own insurance?
  • All of our food vendors carry their own insurance.
  • Do you have other campus groups set up booths at the event.  Can my group table at the market?
  • The tabling space at the market is reserved for sponsors of the market.  If your group or department would like to become a sponsor, email the organizer!!
  • Is your Farmers Market open to the off-campus public?
  • Yes, although most visitors are from on-campus and are students, staff and faculty. Any community members that may attend the market are welcome to park on campus and pay a daily or hourly parking fee, although we are a very bike-friendly campus and encourage all participants of the market to walk, bike or bus to campus if they are visiting from off-campus.
  • How well attended is the UC Davis Farmers Market?
  • The event is well attended during the lunch hour, as many students, faculty, staff and guests visit the Coffee House for lunch. Sales have increased, however we would like to see more sales at all of our vendors’ stalls.
  • What forms of payment can the public use at the Farmers Market?
  • Most growers accept only cash or UC Davis Farmers Market vouchers. However, there are multiple options for cash-free transactions, even with our growers! 
    EBT is available at the Market Information table.
    Debit and Credit Card Transactions - Market Dollars can be purchased dollar-for-dollar at the Market Information table with debit/credit cards at no additional charge.  These vouchers can be used at vendor stalls unable to accept debit/credit cards.
    Aggie Cash is accepted at the UC Davis Farmers Market. Aggie Cash can be exchanged for Market Dollars at the Market Information table for use at grower tables. Aggie Cash is also accepted at the Star Ginger food truck.
  • What issues did you need to work through to have a Farmers Market at UC Davis?
  • In order to be successful in developing a FarmersMarket for your campus, we highly encourage you to understand what policies and procedures are required for hosting events on campus, because technically the Farmers Market is an event. Other key things to keep in mind include: 
    Budget – who is going to pay for the main operating expenses of your farmers market? 
    Management – who is going to manage the weekly operations of your market, including reserving space and organizing the event.
    Safety – different campuses have different policies for safety requirements. Keep in mind you will need to likely have your health and safety inspector and fire marshal involved in the planning. 
    Growers – who are your growers going to be? It has been easier for us to partner with our downtown Davis Farmers Market manager to maintain a consistent representation of local growers at our UC Davis Farmers Market.
    Certified Farmers Market – is your market going to be a certified Farmers Market? A CFM requires that all of the produce being sold at your market is grown in the state you are operating in.  Learn more about becoming a certified California Farmers Market here:
  • I'd like to table at the market, is that possible?
  • Yes!  You simply purchase 12 ($2ea = $24) vouchers using this form and indicate that you'd like to table at the market and which one.  The vouchers will be delivered to Aggie Compass for distribution to students in need.  Linda will contact you with details about tabling.  There may (or may not) be an extra table available.  The market does not provide tents or chairs - you bring those if you wish.  


Don't see answer to your question about the UC Davis Farmers Market?

Feel free to contact us! Email Linda Adams or call 530-752-6800.