Food & Nutrition Projects

Mobile Pantry Project

This initiative project aims to address food insecurity and promote personal hygiene by providing essential items to those in need. The Mobile Pantry will bring sustenance and hygiene products directly to the heart of our campus, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all.

Increasing Food Literacy for Students

This project aims to create an engaging variety of resources for students to make the basics of creating meals within budget and time restraints easy and fun. It will include videos, live events and webinars as well as interactive worksheets and peer-to-peer communication.

Health TEAM Lab

The Health TEAM Lab provides UC Davis students, staff, and faculty a place to: learn about health literacy, receive standardized health metric testing/reporting, and communicate with a support group to help facilitate healthy behavior changes.

Point-of-Purchase Food Icons

Point-of-purchase prompts are motivational messages such as signs, posters, or shelf labels placed near foods to encourage individuals to purchase these healthier food options.