Food & Nutrition Projects

University of California Healthy Beverage Initiative

April 08, 2020
Promoting the availability of a free, healthy alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), namely tap water, is a critical component of reducing consumption of unhealthy alternatives like drinks with added sugar.

CalFresh Participation Evaluation

March 18, 2020
A project to evaluate the potential barriers that students and employees face when accessing CalFresh food assistance benefits.

Point-of-Purchase Food Icons

December 13, 2017
Point-of-purchase prompts are motivational messages such as signs, posters, or shelf labels placed near foods to encourage individuals to purchase these healthier food options.

UC Davis Diabetes Prevention Program

November 12, 2017
The UC Davis Diabetes Prevention Program is a 6-month program with qualifiers to participate including BMI, lifestyle habits, and readiness to change. 

Food Access Map

November 12, 2017
The food access map will show locations where UC Davis community members can access food and microwaves on-campus.

The map will include information regarding price, quantity, hours, food allergies and diversity of food options. Funding will be used to purchase microwaves, if the initial scans determine a need for additional microwaves. The project leaders will also use the environmental scan data to advocate for additional accessible food options in various locations on campus.