Physical Activity for Staff & Academics

Physical Activity for Staff & Academics
UC Davis

Organized by the Staff & Faculty Health and Well-being Program:

  • Tai Chi - gentle meditation in motion offered twice weekly on campus and at Cousteau. Tai Chi is both an exercise and a martial art that focuses on health and relaxation.
  • Gentle Lunchtime Yoga - A 4-part, relaxing yoga series caters to all abilities, with a focus on breathing, stretches and poses
  • Wellness Ambassador Program -  ambassadors support and engage their colleagues in wellness messaging, programs, activities and resources.

Physical Activity for Staff & Academics
UC Davis Health

  • UC Living Fit Forever - The fitness and wellness program for UCDH & SOM employees, Faculty, Residents, Medical and Nursing students looking for a permanent lifestyle change. Enrollment is open all year and is free to all associated within UC Davis Health.
  • Wake Break -  Simple, 10 minute active movement breaks that re-energize staff and faculty at the UC Davis Medical Center during their shifts.