person doing a side lunge on the national fitness campaign fitness court

Outdoor Fitness Court at UC Davis Health

A new outdoor Fitness Court® at the Sacramento campus will be open in late Fall 2022 for all to use individually or to join an instructor-led fitness class.


In various assessments of the health and well-being needs of the UC Davis community, "free fitness opportunities" is one of the most popular responses. Healthy UC Davis and its UC Davis partners aim to install a National Fitness Campaign Outdoor Fitness Court adjacent to the Vanderhoef Commons lawn at the Sacramento campus, with a grand opening celebration set for late 2022.

The outdoor fitness court is a project of the National Fitness Campaign (NFC). The NFC is a San Francisco based social enterprise and consulting firm, with a mission to bring a free outdoor fitness court within a 10-minute bike ride of every American, which is well-aligned with the strategic priorities of Healthy UC Davis related to health and well-being and the built environment. 

Various UC Davis partners including Campus Planning, Facilities Design and Construction, and UC Living Fit Forever, have been instrumental in the planning and construction of the court. With such partnership and collaboration, the construction of the court broke ground in summer of 2022 after a multi-year journey to bring the fitness court to the Sacramento that began in 2018. 


The main outcome of this project is to offer a free and publicly available fitness court for personal or group exercise, increasing access to physical activity for everyone. Staff, academics and students at the Sacramento campus may access this court before, during and after their work and school day to promote and support their physical health. Additionally, the UC Living Fit Forever program, a wellness and fitness program based at UC Davis Health, will offer weekly instructor-led classes featuring the court. 

Opportunities for Involvement:

No opportunities are currently available during the construction of the fitness court.

However, once opened, free, instructor-led classes will be offered weekly by the UC Living Fit Forever program. These classes will cover and utilize the built-in features and circuits. Interested members of the UC Davis community can also use the court at their leisure, pending no conflicts with existing classes. Information on the court's features and suggested workouts can be found on the National Fitness Campaign webpage. The campaign also offers an official Fitness Court® app to guide you through workouts and challenges.

Recent Milestones:

The construction of the court broke ground in summer of 2022. 

UC Living Fit Forever instructors successfully completed the NFC training to become official Fitness Court Training Ambassadors. 

Project Leads: 

Stacey Brezing
Director of Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being
Occupational Health Services

Janel Scott
Wellness Program Manager
UC Living Fit Forever

Primary Category