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Amplifying Narratives to Promote Campus-Wide Well-Being

Our project aims to destigmatize mental health and spread awareness of campus resources by holding events and amplifying the efforts of the Resilience Through campaign. Initially, this campaign was developed to showcase student testimonials through videos and written statements. This project aims to expand the campaign to the entire UC Davis population while continuing its objectives.


This campaign is designed to reflect the value of resilience in times of hardship and adversity. By illuminating students’ experiences across the UC Davis campus, we aim to create unity through shared stories that demonstrate resilience. We foresee this campaign will plant seeds of hope in the minds of students and faculty at UC Davis who may be facing obstacles alone, and the means for how to face these challenges head on; these stories of resilience will destigmatize being vulnerable and talking about mental health in front of one's peers.


This project hopes to:

  • Promote video and written stories across social media platforms and visual media.
  • Expose UC Davis affiliates to inspirational success stories of their peers to invoke positive changes to their mindsets.
  • Diminish feelings of isolation and promote a sense of connectedness amongst individuals who can relate to the difficulty represented in the stories that are told.
  • Destigmatize sharing weaknesses, being vulnerable, and seeking help in regards to mental wellness and other obstacles in life.
  • Feature a diverse set of people to allow those struggling to relate to one or more of the stories.
  • Provide optimistic thinking, lessen feelings of isolation, and emphasize possible methods of overcoming obstacles.
  • Promote mental health resources and make it clear as to how to access these resources.

Opportunities for Involvement:

We are still gathering participants who are interested in sharing their own story. If you or another UC Davis student you know (for the pilot launch) is interested in sharing your story of resilience, please fill out our interest form:

Recent Milestones:

We began filming students last spring and have 12+ participants who have shared their stories.

Project Lead:

Ryman Crone
Co-Leader of AGS
Athlete Guidance and Support

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