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Mental and Emotional Well-Being Open Access Resource Library

This project involved the creation of an online Mental and Emotional Health resource.

This resource library houses wellness and emotional well-being resources such as podcasts, webinars, tip sheets, web based applications, wellness calendar of events, and book recommendations as well as links to other existing websites. 

The US Surgeon General describes mental and emotional well-being as being critical to allowing people to reach their full potential, attain resiliency in the face of challenges, be productive, and make positive contributions to society. 

The purpose of this open access resource center is to provide and to link the UC Davis community to resources that promote mental and emotional well-being.  It also seeks to offer resources to demystify the services, supports, and professionals who are trained to help. 

Project Lead:

Carolyn Dewa, MPH, PhD
Department of Public Health Sciences & Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 

Primary Category