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Aggie Quits

An initiative aimed at increasing Access to Cessation Resources and Clean Air.


Aggie Quits is a partnership between UC Davis and the Truth Initiative. UC Davis will contract with the Truth Initiative's evidence-informed EX Program, an app and web-based service that helps folks quit using tobacco. The Ex Program:

  • Delivers treatment consistent with clinical practice guidelines
  • Integrates field-leading research on building engaging digital interventions and social networks to treat tobacco dependence
  • Tailors quit support for e-cigarette users , chewing tobacco users, expectant moms and more


Aggie Quits strives to (1) increase access to free cessation resources among the UC Davis community, and (2) create a campus free of second-hand smoke for all students, staff, faculty and visitors.

Opportunities for Involvement:

The pilot program has concluded. View the Completed Project Summary (PDF) for more information. For the most up to date information on the Smoke and Tobacco Free initiative as well as quitting resources, please visit the BreatheFree webpage

Recent Milestones:

To pilot the app-based EX Program at the UC Davis campus, the Aggie Quits team, together with the campus legal department, completed a risk assessment of partnering with the vendor. The team also met with Student Health and Counseling Services’ risk management and leadership teams to determine next steps to gain legal clearance. Overall, senior management agreed that there is minimal risk involved with using the app, but inquiries into how data is stored and used will first need to be answered. Licenses to utilize the app were advertised and participants were recruited to the Ex Program from May 2020 - May 2021.

Project Leads: 

Keavagh Clift, MPH, CHES, CHWC
Special Services Program Manager
Occupational Health Services

Raeann Davis, MPH
Health Promotion Specialist
Student Health and Counseling Services

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