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Tobacco Treatment in ED

Health Promotion among International Students

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Andersen Yang - MPH Candidate

There is growing concern of a rise in smoking prevalence among international students across the nation. Though existing research on the health of international students is sparse, we aim to increase more of the discussion around this topic.

This project focuses on a health message campaign that promotes tobacco prevention to international students at UC Davis. This year-long project comprises of three phases: outreach, data collection, and refinement of health messages.

  • In the outreach phase, we started marketing language specific- tobacco quit-line advertisements in Chinese and Korean to new students at events on campus.

  • During the data collection phase, we will be conducting focus groups with international smoker and nonsmoker students to inform us about their opinions on tobacco prevention.

  • Finally, we will work towards using those data to refine the key health messages in addition to testing the messages via follow-up surveys.

We hope to pilot this project in order to address the socio-behavioral aspects of smoking among the international student population.