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group fitness class

Providing classes in various districts around the UC Davis campus, making it more convenient for folks to access, get a workout in and not have to go very far from their place of employment. 

This program expands on a pilot program that occurred last year to create opportunities for students, staff and faculty to have easy access to a fitness class.  Program data shows that location is the best indicator on whether staff and faulty join in a fitness offering.  Kaiser data from 2014 showed that 64% of our UC Davis employees are not meeting the minimum requirements for physical activity and 36% are completely sedentary.  This program aims to provide a physical activity intervention on our campus that takes into account barriers that have been expressed by the campus community-cost of ARC/gym facilities, accessibility of gym, time allowed for lunch breaks, family priorities before and after work, etc.  Folks who participated in the pilot program reported positive outcomes.

Project Leads:

Stacey Brezing
Director of Staff Health and Well-being, Occupational Health

Heather Gastellum
Associate Director, Recreation

Project Funding:



Get more staff, faculty and students moving! Create a 2 site option that can host 20-40 participants in one class. Daily physical activity minutes would increase for participants and would be measured by daily self-report. In addition, we’d like to measure participant’s sleep, mood and energy levels. We’d track attendance for regular attendees and for folks that drop-in. We’d like people to know that health and wellness is attainable with just a little effort put forth. Ideally this program will grow and thrive long after the grant funding goes away.

Opportunities for involvement:

Fall quarter classes are offered Monday through Friday through Dec. 13, 2019. Classes are cancelled on major university holidays. Classes are located in Medical Sciences 1B, Room 150 (in the former "Old Scrubs" location) in the Health Sciences District.

Open to all faculty, staff and students. Please register online before attending class. One-time registration covers the entire quarter.

12:05-12:55 p.m.
Bodyweight Circuit with Lisa Cachia
Tuesday Mixed Level Yoga with Jordan Reid
Wednesday Bodyweight Circuit with Lisa Cachia
Thursday Mixed Level Yoga with Jordan Reid
Friday Zumba with Symone Watson

5:30-6:30 p.m.
Mixed Level Yoga with Tamara Vodovo

Registration Instructions

  1. Go to the Campus Recreation registration portal. Select "Log In" (upper right).
  2. Enter your UC Davis log-in information.
  3. Select "CR Membership" from the drop-down menu (upper left).
  4. Choose "Active Aggies Mobile."
  5. Select “1 TERM” and add to cart. Then read and accept the waiver.
  6. Complete the transaction and a receipt will be sent to your email address. Please retain this receipt for your records.

Contact Lisa Cachia at (530) 754-0127 or at with registration questions.