Wake Break

Wake Break (formerly Fit Break) is an opportunity for staff and faculty at the UC Davis Medical Center to improve health and well -being through fun and active healthy fitness breaks during their shift.  The simple 10 minute active movement breaks re-energize participants for the rest of the day.


Project Leads 

Julie Gross, PT
UCD Health PM&R Therapies and Workers Comp Division

Jill Evans-Grinbergs
UCD Health PM&R Therapies and Workers Comp Division

Amount of Funding



With improved activity and re-energizing your day with Fit Break, you will notice less days out ill due to sickness and decreased your risk for injury.  And just 10 minutes of additional movement can improve your mood and just simply put: makes you feel better!


6 month pilot program performed 2 days per week with a certified fitness trainer

What: Wake Break, formerly Fit Break

When: Additional work break provided during your shift

Where: In your department

Who:  Voluntary Staff

Why:  To improve your health and well-being with fun active healthy fitness breaks