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The JOOL Health App is leading edge technology developed at the University of Michigan that could have a significant impact on the operational capability of UC Davis as well as improve the health and well-being of our community.

The mobile and Web-based solution promotes sustained, healthy behavior change by engaging, motivating, and supporting people to pursue a truly meaningful life of purpose at home, at work, and in their communities. This innovative technology will enable UC Davis to tailor health and wellness programming, communication and initiatives, leading to enhanced health and well-being of UC Davis staff, faculty and students.

Project Lead:

Stacey Brezing

Occupational Health or Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being


Funding Amount:



After access to the innovative JOOL Health application, we expect:

  1. Valuable insight into our UC Davis community to guide health and well-being programming, communications and initiatives. Pre and post outcome measures include: Change in purpose life index, Sense of Purpose, improvements in sleep, presence, activity, creativity, eating, energy, willpower, personal alignment, family alignment, work alignment, and community alignment. This will be measured and analyzed by the JOOL Health tools and team.
  2. Use data collected in conjunction with other focus area projects in nutrition, physical activity and emotional/mental well-being. Collaborating with at least one other HCN project would be ideal.
  3. Collaborations with partner institutions to contribute to the field of health and wellness, organizational development and human performance. We have reached out to UCSF, University of Michigan and Michigan State University to collaborate – we hope to collaborate with at least one partner organization.
  4. Determine whether there is a positive benefit/cost ratio to pursuing a continuing contract with JOOL Health. If positive results are seen with the pilot group, the emotional and mental well-being subcommittee will recommend further dissemination of the JOOL Health tool.


December-Communication plan developed

January-Recruitment, roll out of app, data collection

February – Data collection, finish recruitment and enrollment

March-Data collection

April – Data collection

May – Data collection

June-Wrap up study data

July-Report for HCN completed