School of Medicine Resources for Students

In the Event of an Emergency, Please Call 911


Listed below are Student Resources with contact information.  For detailed information, please either call or go to the individual websites.

School of Medicine Resources for Students


Office of Student and Resident Diversity

The Office provides Medical School students with financial and staff support for a variety of activities and networking opportunities.

Phone #: 916-734-2615

Office of Student Learning & Educational Resources (OSLER)

The Office provides academic support and resources to medical students.

Phone #: 916-734-8785

School of Medicine- The Office of Student Wellness

The Office provides educational wellness events, resources and referrals to mental health-care resources for medical students.

Phone #: 916-703-9355

Student Development Office

The Office provides comprehensive medical student support services.

Phone #: 916-734-1848/8494

Student Interest Groups List

This is a list of various medical student groups who share similar “interests, values, customs, and knowledge” to “support, teach, and learn from one another.”