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Sleep Time
Icon for Sleep TimeiTunes: $1.99
Android: Free
This app is a smart alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you up at the perfect moment of your lightest sleep phase. It uses your phone’s accelerometer.
Languages: English. Partial translation for other languages available when device’s language setting is set for a language other than English.

sleep pillow app iconiTunes:Free
Android: Free
Sleep Pillow provides an advanced set of high quality ambient sounds premixed for sleep enhancement.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds 
App for Sleep Sounds and MelodiesAndroid: Free
IOS: Free
Creates relaxing sounds and includes a timer. Provides 8 free meditations. Additional sounds and meditations require subscription or purchase.
Languages: Guided meditation provided in English only. Partial translations provided in app when device is set to another language.

White Noise Generator 
White Noise AppAndroid: Free
Includes variety of relaxing sounds to create customizable white noise. Includes a shut off timer.
Languages available: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, and Japanese.


UC Davis Sleep
This page contains information about basic strategies to help improve sleep. It includes links to sleep resources such as the UC Davis Nap Map, SHCS blog articles about sleep, Conquering Insomnia podcasts, and National Sleep Foundation.

Conquering Insomnia: A New Sleep Program
A self-help sleep program for individuals with insomnia.

Tips for Sleep Management – ASAP UC Davis
Includes a list of 19 tips to help individuals improve their sleep.

Sleeping Soundly – UC Berkeley University Health Services Health Topics
Includes information regarding the importance and benefits of sleep, common sleep disorders, along with tips to improve your quality of sleep.

Additional Resources:

Additional resources about insomnia available here