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General Stress Management

Stress is a part of everyday life.  Managing stress boosts mental and emotional wellbeing by improving mood, focused thinking, and school/work performance. 



Relax Lite: Stress Relief 
relaxlite app iconAndroid: Free 
IOS: Free
The basic lite version of the app provides a visual and simple breathing tool that is customizable along with an 8 minute guided audio meditation. Additional content requires a purchase.
Languages: English, French, Chinese. To change the app’s language, either change your device language or go to the app’s settings by pressing the gear icon on the app screen.

Articles/Fact Sheets:

This fact sheet provides information about the physical and psychological benefits of tai chi. In addition to physical benefits like improved balance and chronic pain management, it can help manage stress.

This article details the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of gardening. It also presents tips to get started for beginners. 

UC Davis Stress Reduction
Information about stress, its symptoms, and what individuals can do to help reduce/manage their stress. Includes links to UC Davis resources.

Address Your Stress for a Healthier Life (also Español | MP3 )
This article gives suggestions about how to manage stress in a healthier ways.

8 Tips to Help You Become More Resilient
In this article, Meg Jay, who is a clinical psychologist, shares a list of ways to successfully cope with Life's challenges.
This article provides an understanding of stress and some of its negative effects.  It also details ways to manage or reduce stress. 


Recognizing Stress in Children and Teens
This article is written for adults to recognize emotional and behavioral clues of overwhelming stress for young people to assist in supporting them.

Six Myths About Stress 
This article highlights myths about stress to help manage stress and reduce its negative effects.

Managing Stress: Strengthen Your Social Network
This article discusses the benefits of friends and peers to address loneliness and offers strategies for how to create a group of supportive relationships.


This podcast leads you through a short meditative exercise designed to help you unwind and relax.
This podcast guides you through a five-minute relaxation meditation designed to help reduce test anxiety.
This podcast leads you through a four-minute visualization exercise designed to help enhance athletic performance.


Stress PSA for Students
A video for UC Davis students about stress. Video includes a few basic coping skills to help manage stress. Created by UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services.

How to Make Stress Your Friend (Video | Audio)
Psychologist Kelly McGonigal discusses ways to increase resilience to stress through thinking and behavior.

Transcripts Available: Indonesian, Bosnian, Catalan, Montenegrin, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Galician, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian, Portugal), Romanian, Albanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Czech, Greek, Belarusian, Mongolian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Marathi, Hindi, Thai, Georgian, Chinese (Simplified, Yue, Traditional), Japanese, Korean

How to Relax - 8 Relaxation Tips for Your Mental Health
A video of 8 simple relaxation tips created by Mind, the Mental Health Charity.
Using Dr. Carol Dweck’s research and findings, Trevor Ragan explores the value of a mindset based on the belief that skills and intelligence can be developed through individual effort. This approach to life increases problem-solving, performance, and achievement.



UC Davis Student Health & Counseling Services Stress Resources Website

This website provides an overview of stress and resources to help you cope with stress. It is maintained by UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services.



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