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Suicide Prevention





MY3 is an application for your smartphone that lets you define a plan to stay safe if you are feeling suicidal and customize a network of support to connect to.




This factsheet provides an overview of suicide, risk factors, signs and prevention.



This video discusses how to support a friend by asking if they are thinking about suicide. If affirmative, it further explores how to encourage them to get help or find crisis resources. *While the video focuses on talking to a friend, its tips are easily translatable to any trusting adult relationship.

The Bridge between Suicide and Life (Video | Audio)
Sergeant Kevin Briggs talks about responding to people who are suicidal, giving them hope, and turning them around.

Transcriptions Available: Indonesian, German, English, Spanish, French, French (Canada), Galician, Croatian, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian,Portugal), Romanian, Albanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Czech, Greek, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Armenian, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Japanese, Korean



This webpage details youth suicide warning signs, how to respond, and find help.