Sleep Disorders Including Insomnia

Sleep Disorders 

Sleep Disorders are chronic difficulties or disturbances in the quality, timing, and amounts of sleep that can cause distress in daily functioning.  They may be grouped according to behaviors such as problems with natural sleep-wake cycles, breathing, initiating or sustaining sleep, or falling asleep at the wrong time.  Because sleep is essential for maintaining health, sleep disorders can have far-reaching effects on overall well-being, quality of life, and safety.  People of all ages can suffer from and be vulnerable to these disorders.

Articles/Fact Sheets:


This article describes some signs of common sleep disorders and some tips to help improve sleep.

This fact sheet provides some answers about insomnia, what it is, its effects, and ways to address it.

This article defines and highlights the difficulties of sleep disorders, including insomnia.  It provides treatment ideas and outlines steps to establish better sleep patterns. 

This article describes key symptoms, causes, and types of sleep disorders.  It also explores treatment options and lifestyle changes that may help remediate these disorders.

Additional Resources:

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