image of campus dining hall at UC davis

Point-of-purchase prompts are motivational messages such as signs, posters, or shelf labels placed near foods to encourage individuals to purchase these healthier food options.

The purpose of this project is to develop a point-of-purchase labeling system to use on the UC Davis and Medical Center campuses. Point-of-purchase food icons, a relatively low cost environmental change, can make it easier for individuals to make better food choices, and may also nudge food producers to create healthier offerings that meet the given guidelines. The goal of the labeling system is to make it simpler for individuals to make healthier food decisions at the point-of-purchase when dining at on-campus eateries like the ASUCD Coffee House, Scrubs and Dining Commons and when purchasing food from convenience stores.

Project Leads:

Shantille Connolly

Health Promotion Specialist

Kimberly Huynh

Fourth Year Undergraduate Student, Food Science

Project Funding:



Ultimately, it will be simpler and quicker for individuals to make healthier choices when eating on UC Davis campuses. We will assess sales and/or food consumption data pre-and-post icon implementation and will collect customer satisfaction surveys post-implementation.



We are currently conducting focus groups with staff and students on both campuses. Once we develop the icon criteria and design we will be collecting feedback to determine the final versions. We will develop a form to provide feedback once the icon is implemented.