Healthy UC Davis Call for Proposals

Healthy UC Davis Call for Proposals

Healthy UC Davis is requesting proposals for projects that will support our organizational mandate of making UC Davis the healthiest community in the nation. We are looking for project leads/teams with proposals spanning any or all of the focus areas of physical activity, nutrition/food, mental and emotional well-being and smoke and tobacco free. Healthy UC Davis will provide the funding and limited support for study design and project assistance, if needed.

We will be particularly interested in projects that can help us make strides in the following 5 priority areas:

  1. Creating “one place” or “hub” for our community to find resources and information about health, well-being and wellness
  2. Creating metrics and desired outcomes for health and well-being programs and Healthy UC Davis as a whole
  3. Creating ways to keep and increase leadership support for health and well-being efforts.
  4. Creating and enhancing policies that support the health and well-being of our community
  5. Creating a physical space for health and well-being programming and community building

Use this form to submit your proposal by 5pm on 6/3/2019.

For any questions or concerns about the proposal process, please contact Hoda Soltani at