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This project involves the creation of an online resource that will house wellness and emotional well-being resources such as podcasts, webinars, tip sheets, web based applications, wellness calendar of events, and book recommendations as well as links to other existing websites. 

The US Surgeon General describes mental and emotional well-being as being critical to allowing people to reach their full potential, attain resiliency in the face of challenges, be productive, and make positive contributions to society. 

The purpose of this open access resource center is to provide and to link the UC Davis community to resources that promote mental and emotional well-being.  It also seeks to offer resources to demystify the services, supports, and professionals who are trained to help. 

Project Lead:

Carolyn Dewa, M.P.H., Ph.D.
School of Medicine 

Funding Amount:



The expected outcomes of the proposed project include:
  1. increasing opportunities and creating a user-friendly tool to access resources related to mental and emotional wellbeing
  2. increasing opportunities for healthy social connection and behaviors
  3. addressing stigma and/or barriers related to mental health.
Outcomes will be measured using a multi-prong approach including:
  1. Web based data such as number of times the page and respective links were accessed, the amount of time individuals spent on the page, areas that were of most interest.
  2. Assessing themes that emerge from the discussion board
  3. Gathering demographics on the users (classification - staff/faculty/student, primary language, ethnicity, age, etc.)
  4. Optional surveys that will query for satisfaction and usefulness of the information accessed


November - January: Gather resources to prep for launch of webpage, create podcasts, film webinars, create inventory of resources, structure book recommendation and discussion boards, train moderator to update website and moderate discussion board
February: Launch website and begin respective events, outcomes will be gathered through June
June: Review outcomes and prepare report for HCN steering committee