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Aggie Air Project

Adopting Smoke and Tobacco Free policies is a necessary first step to reducing the burden of tobacco use, exposure, and harmful environmental impact on college campuses. There is considerable evidence that increasing engagement and commitment to these policies leads to behavior change; and is ultimately expected to lead to improved policy enforcement and compliance.

In partnership with CSU San Marcos, UC Davis is piloting a tobacco use tracking tool called Aggie Air. This online tool aims to collect real-time data about tobacco waste and use trends around campus, including e-cigarettes, vapes and JUULs. 

This information will be used to gather feedback on Hotspots, which are areas with a high concentration of tobacco waste/use and provides an indicator of where policy non-compliance is occurring. Users are also able to comment on areas that are not troublesome – this will highlight areas of campus that are clean. 

The goal of this research is to address the critical problem of engaging the campus community with its Smoke and Tobacco Free policy while creating a culture which supports and engages with the policy. The long-term objective of this research is to strengthen compliance with college Smoke and Tobacco Free policies and reduce environmental tobacco waste.

This project is funded by the California Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program in collaboration with CSUSM's Clear The Air project.